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We Finished The Challenge. So, What’s Next?

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We just completed the 30-Day Study & Pray challenge, so what’s next?

Well first of all, continue to study & pray!

Next, go to to introduce yourself and fill out the survey, I would like to get to know you better and get your input on what direction we want to take NumberMyDay for Men.

I want to invite you to join me in the fight for manhood…God’s way!


Take a look around, we are being attacked from all directions.

The world is fighting against what we believe in.

And many times, as men, we feel like we’re all alone.


NumberMyDay for Men is here to inspire all of us to STAND on God’s Word.

And we need to stand on God’s Word together.

Who am I?

I’m nobody special.

I’m married and have 3 kids. I go to work everyday.

I’m a regular guy who has been inspired by other men…

Ordinary men doing extraordinary things through Christ.

I’m just a guy that learned how important it is to put God first.

Whatever we’re struggling with right now…we already have the victory.

The battle is already won…we just need to stand and fight.

I‘m going to claim that victory.

The question is…will you join me?

Here’s what the schedule looks like starting next week…

We’ll be doing daily posts on social media.

On every Monday…there will be a motivational podcast to help get our week started.

On every Tuesday…a blog post will be available.

On every other Wednesday…an interview podcast will be available. I’ll interview other men with stories to tell and advice to give. Eventually, we will be doing one every week. If you have a story to tell and want to share it, let me know.

On every Thursday at 8:00 pm CST…we’ll study and pray together live on Facebook and Instagram live.

Also, when we record an interview podcast, probably mostly on Saturdays, we’ll do a live introduction of the guest we’ll be interviewing (if the interview is in person).

Please join in, participate, and share with others.

I want your input!

Email me at with any questions, comments, or ideas!

Thanks, and talk to you soon!


About the author, DC

NumberMyDay for Men was created to help strengthen and encourage christian men to STAND on God's Word.

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